2016 Supporters

W11 Opera warmly thanks all those who support the company. It costs around £1,000 per cast member to commission, produce, stage and publicise each year’s workshops and productions. We rely on generous donations of money, time, experience and love. All donors are hugely appreciated and are listed in the programme as well as here on the website. If you are keen to know more about sponsoring W11 or giving support to any element of our works, please email w11@w11opera.org.

Business Sponsor

We are indebted to Knight Frank for their constant support and sponsorship since 2003

Community Outreach Sponsors

We thank both the John Lyon’s Charity and The Band Trust for supporting this key initiative which broadens our reach

Bursary Fund facilitated by the Kensington and Chelsea Foundation

This year we awarded eleven bursaries
Jeremy and Britta Lloyd (Founders)
Laura and John Banes
Elizabeth Bennett
Clare and John Grumbar
Cherry and Jocelin Harris
The Johansson Family Foundation
Lucy and Mark LeFanu
Gillespie Robertson

Avondale Extra for the sponsorship of an additional four cast members


Jackie and Graham Brown
Stephanie & Jerker Johansson
Kristen & Bill Kennish
Mr & Mrs Richard Nelson
The Oberoi Family Foundation
Melanie & Richard Slimmon
Lieve Turtelboom
Devika Waney
Patti and George White


Laura and John Banes
Marcus and Muriel Bokkerink
Caroline Haas
Nicolette Kirkby


Claire and James Bradley
Leonie Brown
Sally Dixon Brown
Leanda Fauset
Jenny Lazell
Sarah Melville
Felicity Miller
Erwin and Ellen Molenaar
Maartje Skare


Allison Bellwood
Elena Ford
Lady Valerie Solti
Ian & Meriel Tegner
Mr & Mrs Christopher Thornhill