2013 – The Fizz – AUDIENCE Feedback

2013: The Fizz Audience Feedback

Could you pass on my massive thanks and congratulations to everyone involved with W11. It was a joy and an honour to be able to spend the weekend listening and laughing and loving every minute of the performances of The Fizz. As ever the dedication of singers and musicians and all the backstage volunteers shone through and the end product was fantastic.
Martin Ward, Composer, The Fizz

I was very glad that I did make it to the performance,  which was really enjoyable and professional, especially with so many younger children.  I have heard a lot about W11 Opera so it was good to see it in action finally. I thought that it was a well written piece and that the story was easy to follow thanks to the hard work of the cast. I look forward to seeing future productions and hope that girls from SPGS will continue to be involved.
Leigh O’Hara, Director of Music, St Paul’s Girls’ School

Thank you very much for the lovely evening last Thursday. People really enjoyed the afternoon tea and especially the performance.  All the feedback I got has been great. Have a lovely Christmas and please let us know for future events.
Tasio Cabello, Volunteer and Community Services Manager

@W11Opera superb first show. The PM looked to be enjoying it, singing the last chorus on his way out
Martin Ward, Composer, The Fizz

It was a really great experience – we enjoyed writing the show and had a whale of a time watching it at the weekend. We’ll definitely stay in touch, and I hope to be around for the screening.
Phil Porter, Librettist, The Fizz

…thank you for  a really great evening.  The children loved it and I have had quite a bit of  interest and requests for information about how they might join the group.  Do you have the information I can give them about joining W11 – together with any opportunities for subsidy etc?   I hope all the rest of the performances were as successful and enjoy the calm after the storm!
Alexandra Morgan, Addison Primary School

@W11Opera *applauds* it was absolutely wonderful! You should all be very proud x
Natalie Raybould, Professional Opera Singer, Associate of the Royal Academy of Music

Just wanted to say thank you for a lovely evening on Thursday 12 Dec. We all enjoyed watching the children and felt this was the best one we had seen.  Hope the children enjoyed playing the parts as much as we did watching them. Tell them well done and we are looking forward to seeing them again next year.
Jeanette Joynson,  Audience Member, Community Performance

We thought this was a wonderful, inspiring effort from all the boys and girls involved. They can be very proud of their achievement and that a lot of hard work has come to fruition.
Tim & Fiona Sewell, Audience Members

I thoroughly enjoyed last night’s performance and the Trustee party beforehand. What a wonderful effort you have made, with enormous success as measured by the participation of all the cast last night.  Thank you so much for keeping the legacy of the traditions of W11 while at the same time embracing its dynamic nature- new venue and new production team.
Stephanie Johannson

@W11Opera Thank YOU. Another great production, with a massive cast, all organised so well and performing so well together throughout.
Jude Enright, Deputy Head, Greenford High School

It was a  truly wonderful production –  so slick, so professional, so well rehearsed: the kids really knew and inhabited their music and words and it really showed. Costumes, set, movement  – all so vibrant, literally to die for.
Kate Cullinan, ex Production Manager, W11 Opera

Very good to see you last night and thoroughly enjoyed the performance – can’t believe how many were in the cast – great fun.
Caroline Foord, Knight Frank, W11 Opera Sponsors

The Fizz was a fantastic show, I really enjoyed it SO much. It is amazing to see how much can be accomplished with a large group of children in just 3 short months. Having been farther removed from the W11 ‘action’ this year than the previous 3, I came to watch the show with little ‘inside information’ and I was truly ‘blown away’.
Wendi Lewitt, Parent

Had a fun evening photographing the W11 Opera dress rehearsal of The Fizz! What a brilliant cast, so much energy and great show!
Karla Howlett, Photographer, Green Focus 

I just wanted to say what an absolute triumph this year’s show was. I have had such tremendous feedback from everyone who saw it saying how enjoyable, professional and clever it was – not to mention just very good fun! Could you just pass on to the team how fabulous it really was.
Max Croft, Parent

A really impressive show! Skilful use of all the children, an entertaining story- great visuals and an audience friendly score. A really impressive effort and many congratulations to you and the entire company.
Vivien Munday, Professional Opera Singer

We really enjoyed the evening – some fantastic singing and a really fun piece. It was great to see how much everyone was enjoying themselves performing and we are both really looking forward to getting started on our own piece soon.
I really enjoyed the show- so full of life and joy- what a lovely thing to see.
John Barber & Hazel Gould, commissioned for 2015

On behalf of everyone at Posk I just wanted to say how happy we are that you staged your production at our centre and we are already looking forward to next December. I had the pleasure to watch the show yesterday  and thought it was brilliant. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !!!
Bartek Nowak, General Manager, Posk Theatre

This is just to send another huge round of applause and congratulations on a terrific production. It was a great opera which the cast clearly loved and got the audience emerging beaming. The production was full of brilliant touches, so witty and just a tad weepy too – the very best combo – with dazzling costumes and set. And everything seemed to flow without a blemish though no doubt there were the usual backstage dramas. There was so much energy and fizz, and the cast was focussed and in role throughout. My guest was amazed and couldn’t believe how good it was. We all laughed and loved every minute, so huge congratulations on such a fizzing success.
It was great that our patrons George Fenton and Nicholas Kraemer were there, also Timothy Kraemer, and they were all filled with admiration at how W11 keeps reinventing itself and continues from strength to strength. Hooray for you all.
Lucy le Fanu, Patron, W11 Opera

#thefizz was fab. @W11Opera – loved the slow motion, nail biting horse race photo finish. Super Orchestration, funny lyrics, great cast.
Lucy Taylor, ex-cast parent