Volunteer Policy


W11 Opera seeks to involve volunteers to:

  • ensure the experience we offer is first-class
  • provide new skills and perspectives
  • increase our contact with the local community we serve


This Volunteering Policy is underpinned by the following principles:

  • W11 Opera will ensure that volunteers are properly integrated into the organisational structure and that mechanisms are in place for them to contribute to the work of W11 Opera
  • W11 Opera expects that paid employees at all levels will work positively with volunteers and, where appropriate, will actively seek to involve them in their work
  • W11 Opera recognises that volunteers require satisfying work and will seek to help volunteers meet these needs, as well as providing the training for them to do their work effectively.


All prospective volunteers will be interviewed to find out what they would like to do, their skills, suitability and how best their potential might be realised. 


All volunteers will have reasonable expenses reimbursed on production of relevant receipts, specifically those relating to provision of refreshments. 

Induction and Training

All volunteers will receive an induction into W11 Opera and their own area of work.  Training will be provided as appropriate.


All volunteers will have a named person as their main point of contact.

The Volunteer’s Voice

Volunteers are encouraged to express their views about matters concerning W11 Opera and its work.

Equal Opportunities

W11 Opera operates an equal opportunities policy in respect of both paid staff and volunteers.

Problem Solving

We aim to identify and solve problems at the earliest possible stage.  A procedure has been drawn up for dealing with complaints either by or about volunteers.  

APRIL 2017
Next review – APRIL 2018