Risk Management Policy

The primary risks that W11 Opera faces are detailed below, along with references to the organizational policies which address them.  In addition, W11 Opera is fully insured .  The W11 Opera Board of Trustees endeavors to review both risks and policies on a regular basis in order to manage the Opera’s risks in an appropriate way.

  • Child protection.   As an organization that  works with large numbers of children, W11 Opera has a detailed Child Protection Policy to which it adheres.  (see Child Protection Policy)  All adults who may have reason to work unsupervised with children will have a DBS check undertaken within the last 3 year
  • Heath and Safety.  W11 Opera maintains health and safety guidelines for the rehearsal period in St.  James’s Church,  St. Clements & St. James’s School as well as private homes.  These guidelines require chaperones, or Group Parents, to care for the cast members during rehearsals and be able to account for them at all times.  In addition, W11 Opera endeavors to have a trained first aider at each rehearsal and maintains an accident/incident log on site.

(For performance period, W11 Opera hires a Production Manager who reviews all health and safety matters with the performance venue and reports to W11 Opera management.  In addition, the Production Manager reviews all safety procedures with the cast and chaperones upon commencing rehearsals at the theatre.

  • Financial Management.  W11 Opera reviews accounts and financial  health at each Board Meeting and has its accounts audited on an annual   basis.