Avondale Extra

In 2003, W11 Opera embarked upon a special association with Avondale Extra, a local charity promoting extra curricular activities and special opportunities for children attending Avondale Park Primary School, which serves a multi-ethnic community in the heart of North Kensington.

Avondale Extra now annually sponsors pupils from the school to participate in W11 Opera productions, encouraging and supporting these young cast members in a unique opportunity.

“ Dear W11 Opera,
I am writing to thank you for everything you have done for me, Hannah and Kazimah. We have all very much enjoyed taking part in the amazing performance and will be hoping to join next year.”
Lots of love from Rhianna, Hanna and Kazimah

“I felt very proud of our 2 Avondale girls this year, especially because the standard of performance was so high… W11 Opera is a fantastic experience for any child but particularly perhaps for our children with such very limited experience of theatre and music.”
Fiona Greenwood, Chairman, Avondale Extra

“I really like W11 Opera because it is so fun… The reason why I joined W11 is because I saw it last year and I loved it. It was GREAT!”
Kashore Ballard Kumar, Avondale pupil

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