Music Directors

Biographies of the music directors behind W11 Opera productions.

Year Work Music Director
2018 Shadowtracks Alistair Chilvers
2017 The Cutlass Crew Philip Sunderland
2016 The Price Philip Sunderland
2015 Eliza & the Swans Philip Sunderland
2014 Deep Waters Philip Sunderland
2013 The Fizz Philip Sunderland
2012 Good Intentions Philip Sunderland
2011 Original Features Philip Sunderland
2010 Rain Dance Philip Sunderland
2009 The Whale Savers Philip Colman
2008 The Song of Rhiannon Philip Colman
2007 Shadowtracks Philip Colman
2006 Chincha-Chancha Cooroo Philip Colman
2005 ANTiphony Philip Colman
2004 All in the Mind Philip Colman
2003 Game Over Philip Colman
2002 Stormlight Philip Colman
2001 Flying High Philip Colman
2000 Deep Waters Philip Colman
1999 Rip Dominic McGonigal
1998 Birthday Dominic McGonigal
1997 Eloise Dominic McGonigal
1996 Ulysses and the Wooden Horse Dominic McGonigal
1995 The Dancing Princesses Dominic McGonigal
1994 ANTiphony Harry Gregson-Williams
1993 Travellers Tale Harry Gregson-Williams
1992 Listen to the Earth Wayne Marshall
1991 A Time of Miracles Wayne Marshall
1990 Double Trouble Wayne Marshall
1989 Koppelberg Wayne Marshall
1988 The Return of Odysseus Nicholas Kraemer
1987 Ulysses and the Wooden Horse Nicholas Kraemer
1986 The Tin Knight Nicholas Kraemer
1985 Bel and the Dragon Nicholas Kraemer
1984 The Adventures of Jonah Nicholas Kraemer
1983 Rainbow Planet Nicholas Kraemer
1982 Birthday Nicholas Kraemer
1981 Wenceslas Nicholas Kraemer
1980 Mak the Sheep Stealer Nicholas Kraemer
1979 Dreamtime Nicholas Kraemer
1978 The Girl and the Unicorn Nicholas Kraemer
1977 The Adventures of Jonah Nicholas Kraemer
1976 Like This, Like That Nicholas Kraemer
1975 Joseph Nicholas Kraemer
1974 The Winter Star Nicholas Kraemer
1973 Bel and the Dragon Nicholas Kraemer
1972 The Pied Piper Nicholas Kraemer
1971 Noye’s Fludde Nicholas Kraemer