W11 Opera has always been praised for its inspiring sets and costumes masterminded by our wonderful designers listed below and then created with assistance from our parents. On our Past Productions pages, links are below, there are galleries of pictures at the foot of each page. Should you have photos not shown on our website, particularly from the early years, we would love to hear from you. Please email



Set Designer

Costume Designer

2014 Deep Waters Neil Irish Anett Black
2013 The Fizz Neil Irish Caroline Bronwen Hughes
2012 Good Intentions Neil Irish Caroline Bronwen Hughes
2011 Original Features Neil Irish Caroline Bronwen Hughes
2010 Rain Dance Neil Irish Caroline Bronwen Hughes
2009 The Whale Savers Neil Irish Caroline Bronwen Hughes
2008 The Song of Rhiannon William Fricker William Fricker
2007 Shadowtracks Neil Irish Mike Lees
2006 Chincha-Chancha Cooroo Mike Lees Mike Lees
2005 ANTiphony Mike Lees Mike Lees
2004 All in the Mind Will Bowen Mike Lees
2003 Game Over Ruth Paton Ali Bell
2002 Stormlight Ruth Paton Manuela Harding
2001 Flying High Fiona Hankey Liz Dees
2000 Deep Waters Fiona Hankey Liz Dees
1999 Rip Fiona Hankey Rodney Cottam
1998 Birthday Fiona Hankey Rodney Cottam
1997 Eloise Anthony Collett Julia Pines
1996 Ulysses and the Wooden Horse Christa Scholtz, Sally
Moore & Stephen York
Christa Scholtz, Sally Moore & Stephen York
1995 The Dancing Princesses Rachel Smith Sophie Bowlby
1994 ANTiphony Rachel Smith Sophie Bowlby
1993 Travellers Tale Aletta Ritchie, Emily Jenkins Sandra Keenan Kamen
1992 Listen to the Earth Sue Whitmore Sue Whitmore
1991 A Time of Miracles Martin Perry Martin Perry
1990 Double Trouble Ian MacDonald
Ian MacDonald
1989 Koppelberg Sue Whitmore Sue Whitmore
1988 The Return of Odysseus Sue Whitmore Sue Whitmore
1987 Ulysses and the Wooden Horse Claire Lyth Claire Lyth
1986 The Tin Knight Claire Lyth Claire Lyth
1985 Bel and the Dragon Jennifer Lazell Jennifer Lazell
1984 The Adventures of Jonah Jennifer Lazell Jennifer Lazell
1983 Rainbow Planet Jennifer Lazell Jennifer Lazell
1982 Birthday Jennifer Lazell Jennifer Lazell
1981 Wenceslas Jennifer Lazell Jennifer Lazell
1980 Mak the Sheep Stealer Jennifer Lazell Jennifer Lazell
1979 Dreamtime Jennifer Lazell Jennifer Lazell
1978 The Girl and the Unicorn Julia Ponsonby &
Ursula Brook
Julia Ponsonby &
Ursula Brook
1977 The Adventures of Jonah Tim Gibbs Jennifer Lazell
1976 Like This, Like That Jennifer Lazell Jennifer Lazell
1975 Joseph Tim Gibbs Tim Gibbs
1974 The Winter Star
1973 Bel and the Dragon Gillian Chambers Gillian Chambers
1972 The Pied Piper Gillian Chambers Gillian Chambers
1971 Noye’s Fludde Gillian Chambers Gillian Chambers