2014 – Deep Waters – AUDIENCE Feedback

2014: Deep Waters

Congratulations on the show yesterday!  It was a really fantastic and committed performance from the young people, and with production standards as high as ever. (The trustee party was great fun too.)  Plenty of food for thought now as we begin our journey creating the piece for 2016.  Well done again, and looking forward to seeing you all in the New Year.
Russell Hepplewhite, Future W11 Composer

Congratulations, Production Team and Trustees all, on  a truly fantastic W11 production – a giant wave of energy, fun, and uplifting music and a real triumph of a show.  I thought the set and lighting were absolutely knock-out , with lovely, and witty costumes.  The wave sound  and Big Brother sound recordings were spot on and really raised the bar.

The use of the limited space was so creative – nothing like a stomping troop of 20 little ‘uns waving their fists and calling for war in the aisles to keep the audience on their toes! Brilliant movement this year – and some fantastic movers (including some very skilled and/or thoroughly well rehearsed boys!)

A wonderful production with outstanding  solo, small group, and whole cast “numbers” to enjoy – what a great show.

Congratulations, one and all, and hope you are all now having a long and thoroughly well-deserved rest on your joint laurels!
Kate Crean Cullinan, ex Production Manager and previous cast parent

… it was an absolute pleasure to see W11 in action on Sunday.
Helen Eastman, Future W11 Writer

On behalf of everyone at Posk we wanted to thank you for staging Deep Waters at Posk Theatre. It was an absolute pleasure to have you back again. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !!!
Bart Nowak, General Manager, Posk Centre

Thank you once again for all your amazing hard work in preparing and presenting Deep Waters! I was so delighted with the performances – please do pass on my warmest congratulations to the production team and to the cast! Lovely to see and hear Deep Waters again. . .
Cecilia  McDowall, Composer, Deep Waters

I’m sending a massive round of congratulations on a truly fabulous W11 production. It was absolutely pulsating with energy and fun, with every member of the cast totally engaged and committed. The set, lighting and costumes were all stunning, quite different from before but hugely witty and inventive. And it was staggering to see all those BOYS! What an achievement to get them on board and so clearly enjoying themselves. There were both funny and tear-jerking moments, just the very best of a classic W11 mix, and lots of really lovely singing. Altogether it was an absolute triumph, so many congratulations come winging their way on every front.
Lucy le Fanu, Patron, W11 Opera

@W11Opera Deep Waters was brilliant Lovely to see it and meet its creators, having done all their work with my group at @BollingtonArts!
Donald Judge, Music Director & Composer

It was a lot of hard work and many sacrifices on a lot of parents as well as singers but what a show! We absolutely loved it . W11 really does such a professional job and is very inspiring!! Thank you!
Maartje Skare, cast parent

Thank you so much to you and all the adults who hold W11 together . Both Issey and Millie yet again thoroughly enjoyed the experience and learnt so much. Phil is absolutely brilliant with the children  he really has opened up the world of singing to the girls and given them the confidence to know they can hold their heads up high in any choral circumstance.
Issey and Millie Dodd 

@W11Opera well done to the#DeepWaters cast for two fantastic performances today.
Susan Moore, Assistant Director

Firstly I have to say Maya thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and I was amazed at what a positive effect it had on her in terms of commitment and just seeing her grow immensely from the experience. She so loved the group and the unity of the children, and I loved watching her beam on stage.

There was never a grizzle or I don’t want to go.

Secondly I have to say how impressive the production and the performances were in such a relatively short space of practice time. I thought the production was amazing and the organization also. Nell was incredible and looked after us so well we were never left asking questions of when or where we needed to be, which is some feat.
Pat Mathew, parent of cast member

Very enjoyable performance by @W11Opera today. Amazingly talented young people
Luke Styles, Young Composer in Residence, Glyndebourne