2010 – Rain Dance – AUDIENCE Feedback

2010: Rain Dance

Well done with the opera. Fantastic spectacle, costumes, lovely singing and a brilliant band!
Timothy Kraemer, composer (& sometimes librettist) of 5 early W11 operas

The whole event was brilliant and we enjoyed absolutely everything from the choice of venue upwards. I cannot imagine how much effort you and W11 and all the performers must have put in in order to produce Rain Dance in so short a time. Well done all.
Tish Farrell, author The Hare Who Would Not Be King

The shows themselves were fantastic, but the whole W11 experience was an enormous pleasure for me from start to finish, and I am already missing it massively. Thank you for all the work that you put into it, and I was glad to be part of such a happy and creative team.
Stuart Hancock, composer Rain Dance

I feel rather sad the whole thing is over: I have to admit to rather looking forward to rehearsals with W11, and I shall miss the fun! I have had several emails from band players, all of whom really enjoyed themselves and were very impressed and delighted by all the “added extras” which made their time even more rewarding. It’s difficult to get that sort of reaction from hardened pros like them, and it was very much appreciated by them all.
Phil Sunderland, Music Director

Dear W11 Opera,
I am writing to thank you for everything you have done for me, Hannah and Kazimah. We have all very much enjoyed taking part in the amazing performance and will be hoping to join next year.
Lots of love from Rhianna, Hanna and Kazimah

First of all, congratulations on all the enormous amount of work I know you have invested in W11 Opera – well worth it! – but also a personal thank you for all the pleasure it has brought me. Last night was brilliantly presented with excellent lyrics and music with hardly a false note – was amazed when told rehearsals only started in September.
Tom Ridley, singer

What a triumph! A real joy to see all those children singing their hearts out. Attractive, interesting and singable music, an intriguing and topical story, enchanting costumes, wonderful choreography, polished performances by all…you certainly got everything right this year…well worth the tremendous amount of time and energy and inspiration you all put into it….we were so delighted to be there to enjoy it!
Patrick and Louise Grattan, long-time supporters of W11
Louise played violin in early W11 Opera orchestras

I really, really enjoyed Rain Dance and could tell that the cast were having a great time with it. The music was lovely and the costumes very cleverly done….Congratulations to all on a hugely successful evening.
Vivien Thompson, ex-Trustee and cast parent

Bravissime tutte on a fab and v successful production. Everyone seemed to be having a ball and audiences v pro.
Cherry Harris, ex-Trustee, Company Manager and cast parent

Just a note to say how very much we enjoyed Rain Dance. It’s a real joy to see so many young people singing their hearts out and performing with such discipline.
Brian and Evelyn Abbs, benefactors

I was thrilled to see how greatly involved all of the children were, as well as to see the professionalism with which they and the show were handled. Congratulations to all involved.
Sophie Scott Singing Teacher, Notting Hill Prep.

That was fab – really one of the best in my view……The music was accessible but unusual and interesting and with exciting rhythms and quirky melodies. I particularly noticed the wonderful orchestration and excellent playing. Altogether a tremendous show.
Christine Thornton, Head of Music, Lady Margaret’s School

We thought the standard of performance was extremely high and I know this could only have been achieved by a great deal of hard work on the part of the girls. It was nice to see them all taking part in something with such vigour, dedication and enthusiasm…
Mrs R. M Karmaryc, Principal, Queen’s Gate School

It’s always a pleasure working with you all – not only are the productions first class but the organisation behind them is impeccable. Well done everyone!
Laurence Tuerk, Sound Operator

Natalia and I would like to thank you from all our heart for this wonderful experience!! I can’t tell you how all my family and friends are impressed with your hard work!!! Well done! We will definitely support and help W11 as much as we can, it is such an amazing institution that each one involved has to treasure and make sure it goes on forever!!!
Lara Fares, cast parent

Thank you for allowing me to be part of such a special team. Hector really enjoyed W11 – and is already talking about next year… It was lovely to meet such an inspiring team and it was refreshing to make new friends at this point in my life! It was very emotional and humbling to watch the performances and see all those young people at the beginning of their lives and also to be part of something that has probably changed their lives.
Ginny Crosbie, cast parent

Claire you did a really wonderful job with Rain Dance. It was meticulously organised with real care and thought….. Luke has loved it and we’ve both been singing the songs all day! Thank you so much.
Sarah Melville, cast parent

It was such fun being a partial group parent this year….. The entire experience was terrific, and Isabel is already counting the months until W11 starts up again!
Nancy Casserley, cast parent

It really was a fab show. Great fun for audience and performers alike ……. Truly amazing, as usual, that you get so much out of a very mixed ability cast in such a short time……congratulations again for holding it all together. It’s a mammoth task but you have a knack of making it seem effortless. I know you and the rest of the team are greatly appreciated for creating an environment where so many talented people (including the adults) can flourish.
Deborah Kent, parent

What a wonderful show it was! I was so impressed by the quality of the performance.
Cressida Cowell, cast parent

I thought the Opera this year was the best ever. Everything came together so well and the children seemed very at ease and confident. It was a very nicely written script, great staging, costumes and lighting and lovely music.
Mary McCaughey, cast parent

Francis is completely hooked and intends to have a solo next year!!! Though currently suffering from post production ‘blues’…. everyone is hooked and singing the tunes!
Emma Ranson, cast parent

May we congratulate you on your fabulous children’s opera! We thoroughly enjoyed watching Rain Dance and the children still hum and dance some of the songs.
Charlotte von der Goltz and Louise Tughan

From the Community Performance

What an experience, on a bleak winter day, to find ourselves in the middle of Africa! Everybody in the group loved Rain Dance, the music was delightful, the story thought provoking, and seeing all those talented young people on the stage is always a treat (even more so for the elderly I think). We were very touched by your warm welcome and the delicious tea. Good luck for this weekend’s performances! We are all looking forward to next year’s W11 Opera. Many thanks again for having us and treating us so well.
Anne Bonavero, The Hand in Hand Group

Wow. I thought Rain Dance last night at the rehearsal was stunning. Joyous and very suspenseful, not predictable at all. My guests one aged 95 and the other 85 rang me this morning to say how much they loved it, especially little hares which they found enchanting. They are stuck at home in this weather so it meant a lot to them.
Sandra Wilmot, HTB

I, and on behalf of everybody from St. Francis of Assisi Hand in Hand group, would like to send a huge thank you to W11 Opera in appreciation for inviting us to watch the Dress Rehearsal performance of Rain Dance. From the warm welcome we received when we arrived, the refreshments, but above all big thanks to the children that made the evening so enjoyable with their singing and acting the “battle of the two gods of rain”, they were absolutely brilliant!
John Mendes, The Hand in Hand Group