2006 – Chincha-Chancha Cooroo – AUDIENCE Feedback

2006: Chincha-Chancha Cooroo

There was such good singing – it’s a great sound now. It all looked magnificent with such brilliant colours and designs. It was so good to have an Indian theme. It not only focused things but also gave the composer an opportunity to produce some fascinating rhythms and sounds. What a lot of work for so many – as usual – but a special clap for the wonderful programme. A brilliant idea to have all those lovely varied drawings by the young, and their comments – what a work to compile. And what tremendous research work you have done for the website – a real labour of love.

I do congratulate you all from the heart, it was all so impressive.
Serena Hughes, founder W11 Opera

Melissa and I both SO enjoyed the opera last night and we thought it was one of the best ever. So witty and colourful, with lovely lyrical music (I particularly liked the overture before Act 2 and the duet sung by the bride and bridegroom.) Wonderful costumes and wigs and very good use of the space. Also lovely bits of dance and movement.

The chorus singing was really good too with as usual a handful of talented soloists – the first peacock particularly shone. In short we loved it. Congratulations to everyone involved on a first class production.
Fiona Greenwood – Avondale Extra Trust

I really enjoyed the production and as always, it is wonderful what you all achieve, both adults and young people!
Marion Friend, Director of Junior Trinity, Trinity College of Music

It was wonderful to see your production and to meet you…Congratulations again on your successful performances!
Anna Gustafson, Independent Opera

I (we) thought W11 was fantastic last weekend; I’m so glad that I’ve seen at last. I was really impressed by the whole thing – those kids are just so, so lucky to have this experience. It must be very exciting and rewarding to be a part of it. I can imagine the hard work that goes into it all – many congratulations.
Anne Raikes, chairman of Nonsuch singers

…it WAS brilliant! I really enjoyed it, and so did the friend I brought – great music and story, amazing costumes, excellent direction and movement and orchestra and everything – what a wonderful smallest deputy prime minister… and the queen… and so many of them… I really thought it was great, and it must have been a huge amount of work so well done!
Susanna Hogan

Chincha was a triumph! All our guests loved it – it was SO pretty.
Bridget Swithinbank, parent

The performances were wonderful as ever, and Wells had a marvellous experience.
Martha Fray, parent

I really wanted to tell you that again, but in such a brilliant and sparkly way, W11 was a fantastic adventure. It was wonderful tonight. We had such a great time. All the children gave their best. I cannot wait for the party and the video in January… My deepest thanks and congratulations,
Anne Buckens, parent

This is just to thank you all for everything that went into Chincha-Chancha Cooroo. It made a fantastic autumn for Olivia, and a wonderful weekend for the rest of us. I had no idea what would come out of it when we first turned up in September… I am astonished by the whole thing, and looking forward (auditions & life-crises permitting) to many more years of this. Go mosquitoes!
Lucy Taylor, parent

I was very impressed with the show last night. Huge cast and loud fresh singing. Colourful costumes and a well told story.
Robert Workman, Photographer

Congratulations to the whole production team for all their hard work and energy. It went off very well and the kids had a great time and with strong performances all round, and the costumes and staging were stunning. I thought the band were particularly strong this year.
Anita Lowenstein Dent, parent

A particular mention has to be made of the magnificently colourful costumes which were a feast for the eye.
Rosamund Chesser, audience member

The show was wonderful and all the friends we invited couldn’t believe how fabulous it was.
Amanda Jenkins, parent

Congratulations on another wonderful W11 Opera! The children and I loved this years, the quantity and quality of the chorus singing, the beautiful and exuberant costumes. It must have been very hard work getting so many little ones to work together so seamlessly, but that work was rewarded by the look of complete pleasure that ever member of the cast had on their face. Well done!
Catherine Faulks, audience member

What an amazing and uplifting evening! It all has to have such a long-lasting effect on the children involved. Another incredibly inspiring production.
Jan Johnson, audience member

W11 Opera is the high and exciting part of my year and it’s a very important part of my life!
Eliza Joseph, cast member

Olivia, Isabel and I loved the show. I thought the storyline was so sweet and also perfect for the holiday season. The children were in top form this year – and the costumes! Wow, what a visual delight.
Karen Masek, audience member