2005 – ANTiphony – AUDIENCE Feedback

2005: ANTiphony

I much enjoyed Antiphony — a delightfully tuneful and bouncy score, brilliant production values and some very pretty, well-tuned singing by a team of infectiously enthusiastic performers. Please pass on my congratulations.
Rupert Christiansen, opera critic

The staging and costumes were beautiful, the conducting stirring and the children impressive.
Nimrod Borenstein, composer

How very impressive the performance was this evening. Things have come SUCH a long way since The Tin Knight days.
Francis Shaw, composer The Tin Knight (W11 Opera 1986 production)

It was such a pleasure to come to the opera yesterday… I feel very proud to be associated with your next production.
William Radice, librettist

I was impressed with how unique and remarkable an organization W11 is, and with how much your values overlap with our own. You provide so much opportunity for young people to learn and grow. You instil in them a love and understanding of opera and allow them to perform at a high artistic level while still being inclusive. Your commissions have resulted in the realization of many excellent operas by composers and librettists (some young, some prominent) who otherwise never would have created these works. And most remarkably, you have done it all without government funding or affiliation with an established opera company. It is my sincerest wish that the W11 and Family Opera models would be emulated elsewhere, so that more young people can benefit from what we have to offer.
David Bass, founder North Cambridge Family Opera Company, Massachusetts, USA

What a marvellous production. We adored it. Guillaume was wide-eyed with amazement. Can I put my name on the list to write another one? I would love to.
Sarah Shuckburgh, librettist Listen to the Earth (1992 opera)

I loved the production too — such high production values. I look forward to seeing more.
Lois Jacobs, Producer, Athens Olympics Opening and Closing Ceremonies

I thought the opera was magnificent — great performances, exquisite costumes and sets and such wonderful enthusiasm.
Rebecca King-Lasserman, Act IV Old Vic

Just wanted to say a huge well done! We thoroughly enjoyed Antiphony, the whole production was superb… The whole cast was so disciplined and gave a great performance.
Laura Bird, Principal, Pop School and Stage Academy (PSSA)

I felt very proud of our 2 Avondale girls (+ our 1 ex-Avondale) this year, especially because the standard of performance was so high. I particularly appreciated the group singing. W11 Opera is a fantastic experience for any child but particularly perhaps for our children with such very limited experience of theatre and music.
Fiona Greenwood, Avondale Extra

I think W11 Opera is quite mind-blowing.
Dr. Jilly Pellew, Grenzebach Glier Europe

What great news about W1… to be recognized as the Critics Top Choice for a Musical in London. That recognition didn’t just happen; it took lots of hard work, countless hours of effort and youngsters with talent and energy to make it fly.
Ed and MaryEllen Matthews, New Jersey, USA

What have I been missing these past years — why on earth haven’t I been/seen W11 Opera before? We were both blown away and completely captivated. We thought the whole production was simply stunning. Such fantastically fun costumes, brilliant staging and lighting and as for the children — so utterly professional and amazingly well trained — almost all out of stage school, except I knew they were not! Right, book our seats for next year, whatever it is you are doing, we’ll be there… You and your total team are utterly brilliant — but the children are more than brilliant — it must be an amazing end experience for them — inspiration is a great thing to have experienced, I hope they all get more of it in their futures.
Jan Johnson

The opera was a huge success with the boys… Ali is determined to audition next year!
Robin and Catherine Porteous

Thank you so much for letting us participate with these small contributions in your impressive, wonderful and inspiring Opera project.
Johannes and Alexa von Salmuth (who loan their house for changing)

Thank you to you both for making the W11 opera such a great experience for both Jamie and me… I certainly remain a great admirer of the W11 Opera concept and am thoroughly impressed by the ethos and comraderie of the whole company.
Alyssa Lovegrove, parent

Thank you so much for all that you have done to make the W11 such a wonderful experience for all the Raiders. This was the first “big” theatrical production which Lu has been in and we are delighted that she has not only developed her interest in singing but also that she had great fun with new friends and understood the tremendous pleasure of entertaining other people.
Fiona Fleming Brown, parent

Angus LOVED the whole experience and can’t wait til next year.
Christina Weir, parent

Jack had a fantastic time during the whole process and will certainly be auditioning next year and what a spectacle it was! Congratulations all round.
Anita Lowenstein, parent

WOW!!! What a triumph. We were all stunned. What an achievement — and I know even greater things are to come.
Kate Cullinan, parent

I wanted to write to say what a fantastic time Henry had the W11 Opera this year. He loved being part of show and was quite depressed when he realised that it was all over. He even wore his costume into school the following day — although the trousers fell to bits! He really found his feet, his confidence and his voice as part of the Opera — which, as you’ll know as a parent, is so very much what you want for your children. It was all rather unexpected, because Henry tends to be drawn to every kind of laddish game, and we imagined that the opera would be too girly for him! Anyway, against the sentiment of his solo, Henry’s heart really was in it. And he’s already asking about next year.
Rev Hugh Rayment-Pickard, parent

It is a gift for the children to have such an opportunity to work with professionals, and I am happy to support their development. The production was a joy. I have heard all kinds of positive feedback from parents and teachers alike.
Laura Banes, parent

I have just come back from W11 Opera which I enjoyed HUGELY! What fun, what costumes, and singing, and what professionalism — it was absolutely superb and thank you very much for alerting me!
Sarah Bryant, audience member

We absolutely adored it…. Simon came out eulogising and saying it was the best ever… Great choice of opera — lots of catchy numbers, lots of cameo roles to keep all the budding stars happy…….
Penny Linnett, former parent

Thank you so much for taking care of my daughter! As usual the real stars of W11 are the group mothers!
Sarah Johson, parent

What the cast said:

I think every bit of W11 Opera is absolutely super! It’s really good to not always have to do schoolwork and think about school but to take a really fun break and meet up out of school with different people and especially W11 Opera because it’s basically an essential part of life that one time or another you just have to have fun!
Harriet, age 10

I have been doing W11 Opera for 3 years now and I have to say every one I have done has been fantastic.
Lucy, age 11

W11 Opera is a fantastic opportunity for children to discover their musical skills and for people to see their potential, but most importantly to make new friends and have fun!
Charlie, age 13

W11 has brought me lots of opportunities over the years and has been a wonderful part of my life.
Eleanor, age 15

A musical world, I know my experience has been an adventure to remember.
Milly, age 17

This is my third year in W11 Opera and I really enjoy it. I like W11 because it is creative and challenging.
Maya, age 14

It’s fun, exciting and action-packed. It’s definitely something to audition for.
Jack, age 9

W11 Opera is the best musical organisation for kids that I’ve ever seen or been in! An unmissable event! A good laugh, and great fun!
Eliza, age 10

I love W11! I love my part. W11 has changed my life.
Anna, age 9

W11 is my first opera and I have absolutely loved it so far! W11 has given me the chance to practise my singing, acting and even dancing. And plus I even get to perform in it! I’ve made millions of new friends and hope to keep in touch with everyone!!!!! GO W11!
India, age 10

Every year it gets more and more exciting as you get more and more involved! The best part would most probably be getting lost backstage at the Britten Theatre after a performance — when you are on a major adrenalin rush there’s no knowing what you’ll get up to!!!
Ariane, age 14

We want more, more, more.
Theo, age 13