2004 – All In The Mind – AUDIENCE Feedback

2004: All In The Mind

What an ambitious project! It was really encouraging to see so many young people clearly enjoying themselves. It makes our efforts seem very small compared with the work you are doing.
Rodney Slatford, Yorke Trust

Congratulations to all of you, standards and enthusiasm remain as high as ever.
Francis Shaw, composer

Was really impressed with the enthusiasm and commitment of the children, congratulations to Philip.
Clement Ishmael, composer and conductor

The amazing energy, vitality and enthusiasm of all concerned enabled W11 Opera to triumph yet again. Plenty of adults would have been defeated by such tricky music, but the deep well of musicianship that your precious outfit has nurtured has meant that the children were able to take the difficult score in their stride and deliver a fabulous evening… Visually All in the Mind was stunning… and altogether the effect of the piece on me was of delight and exhilaration. So once again, many thanks for all that hard work which is appreciated by so many of us year after year.
Dr Robert Asher, London W6

William and I were completely won over by the ethos of the company which came across; the impressive musical and theatrical standards of the performance and the achievement in staging such a challenging work was a great credit to all the young people — and adults — involved.
Bernard Hughes, composer

You were right when you said the opera was amazingly ambitious! Very difficult music, but what an experience for those kids to get to perform something like that. The Earthling chorus was wonderful, as was Nic, and there were some superb moments in it. A beautiful production and marvellous orchestration. Quite fascinating to see…
Starr Shippee

I had to write to say how much we enjoyed the opera — INCREDIBLE. So many kids involved, so professional, wonderful to look at, sets amazing and costumes… music — um, not quite sure, but the story and sentiments were really fun. What a lot of work! But how amazingly positive, so worthwhile. WELL DONE.
Melanie Minnitt, London SW19

Wasn’t last night amazing!! I felt hugely encouraged and especially by several friends who came to see it who were all very impressed — one who especially praised the Brain for his excellent voice.
Catherine Faulks, parent

We all thought the performances were wonderful, a real triumph!
Helen Ellis, mother

We were so impressed by the opera. One of the best sung, best acted etc we have seen for years. Many congratulations, we really enjoyed it.
Christopher and Valentine Thornhill, London W10

Thank you once again for making another year of W11 opera possible. I know you must go through a Dark Night of the Soul (probably late November) every year but believe me it really IS worth it. Even for those children who are lucky enough to go on to schools with state of the art theatres and drama departments, it will be something they remember with pleasure for the rest of their lives… What a wonderful gift to give so many children!
Sarah Johnson, parent

What the cast said:

This is my second year of W11… It was so much fun that I wanted to come again… I think this is a great opportunity to meet new people and sing your heart out. It is not all singing though. There is acting and dancing involved and you never have to be shy because everyone is doing it as well.
Alexandra Ford, age 13

W11 has been fantastic for me because I love singing and it’s helped me make lots of new friends. Each year I enjoy it more.
Flo Hare, age 11

W11 is always so much fun! This is my third year and I am sure it will be as good as before! It gets more modern every year!
Erin Ford, age 12

W11 is a great idea for children who like singing. I like taking part because I love singing. The best thing about it is the costumes and the singing.
Georgia Herman, age 10

W11 Opera is an unmissable experience and to all those youngsters out there, definitely come next year and give it a go because it sure is worth it!
Charles Joseph, age 11

I can’t say anything to anyone in W11 Opera because they are all having the time of their lives, but I can say something to all those other children out there who want to have a lot of fun on Monday nights! W11 is one of the most exciting things that has ever happened to me so if you know what’s good for you….join!!!
Elizabeth Donaldson, age 12

I love being in W11 Opera! Though my first year I am always full of joy on every rehearsal! I so happy I joined the opera and even more happy I passed the audition! It’s great fun! Everyone has just got to do it!
Eliza Joseph, age 9

The story is really exciting. W11 Opera is the best thing I have ever taken part in. The best part is performing in the Britten Theatre!
Federica Picceri, age 10