2003 – Game Over – AUDIENCE Feedback

2003: Game Over

It was wonderful to see so much energy being harnessed so effectively, with really superlative performances the children absolutely took centre stage. The words were hilarious, the music lively, the direction impeccable, and altogether, you all did an absolutely magnificent job. Also really nice to see it in a really good theatre……
Bill Bankes-Jones Director, Tete-a-Tete Opera

Wow! What a performance. The singing was at worst fine and at best really thrilling and we heard every word from start to finish. The drama was so much more in focus at the theatre and it packed quite a powerful punch. Brilliant!
Ed Lambert, composer

It really was most enjoyable, and I was very impressed by the high standards achieved by the girls and boys involved.
Philip Culling, Head of Music, Godolphin and Latymer School

I have just seen Game Over as my friend Eleonora was in the performance. I thought it was amazingly fantastically brilliant and definitely want to audition for next year’s opera. I have to admit even my annoying little brother — who was screaming and shouting about how he didn’t want to see an opera — really loved it.
Imogen Wilson, aged 9

Game Over was truly brilliant and the finale definitely brought tears to my eyes; the singing was just wonderful. It’s just not the same from the vestry or the wings!! Anyway, once again W11 has been a great experience that both Katy and I have truly enjoyed. Hard work, but so worth it!
Susie Maier, parent

I thought Game Over was very good. Challenging music but exciting and terrific pace.
Fiona Greenwood, Avondale Trust

And thank you for an introduction to such an ambitious exciting and challenging production. I was terribly impressed with the production and overwhelmed by the structured organisation; you are utterly brilliant. Our house is still ringing loudly with the music and the smell of the greasepaint remains.
Arabella Chandos, Director, Old Master Paintings department, Sotheby’s

I have always enjoyed W11 Opera & have continued to come every year even though my daughter has left home! This is to say that it is much more than just a children’s event. It is a great pleasure to have watched this occasion develop over the years, with the very high standard off the original scripts & the marvellous colourful productions with the most imaginative costumes and sets. It is proof that the combined skills of children & adults can produce an evening of entertainment worthy of a West End production…It is particularly important that the children from all backgrounds and schools and musical ability are encouraged in this way — so many schools have limited resources for those with musical talent.
Anna Hinshelwood

It’s always a pleasure to be involved in projects that have a value beyond ‘just’ putting on a great show. W11 puts on a great show and is a fantastic and unique opportunity for everyone involved to do something very special.
Stephen Ley, Lighting Designer, Game Over

Thank you so much for such an enjoyable afternoon on Saturday I was bowled over by the performance- I thought it was tremendous and great fun.
Lizzie Hurst

THANK YOU a million times for W11 Opera this year. The experience has been incredible for Edith — and also for the whole family. I actually woke up this morning thinking, “I know what my life’s ambition is now — to become a group mother!” How often does that happen? Thank you again for letting us share in this wonderful achievement.
Sarah Johnson, parent

What a great show! Congratulations on another fantastic year!
Jane Wintherbotham, parent

Well done to you all, it was a privilege to be involved.
Karin McDanell, parent

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all your tremendous work of the past few months — your enthusiasm and commitment are quite awesome.I am sure you must be on your knees now. Edmund and I have loved our involvement with W11 and (rather scarily!) he’s set on returning next year! Thank you for making us new-bugs feel so welcome.
Viv Haxby, parent

Triumphant all round. Many congratulations.
Rachel Johnson , parent