2002 – Stormlight – AUDIENCE Feedback

2002: Stormlight

I thoroughly enjoyed “Stormlight” and felt privileged to have been part of the audience. Every aspect of the production was brilliant. The imaginative set, evocative music, talented drama and singing collectively made the show one that will stay in my memory for a long time.
Marissa Thornton-Wood

Well done for once again breaking new ground with the W11 Opera — it was terrific……long may it continue.
Meriel Tegner

I thought it was an excellent production, most interesting music and the children very impressive. I thoroughly enjoyed the performance.
Elizabeth Diggory, High Mistress, St. Paul’s Girls’ School

I thought Stormlight was an absolute triumph; I don’t think my attention flagged for a minute. To get such all-round quality for such a modest ticket price was a real bargain. The playing was spot-on, the scenery beautifully done and the singers/actors gave committed and in many cases powerful performances. As I’ve commented before, the proportion of audible words was higher than is usual at ENO. I like the music and thought it very effective. I also thought it cleverly done….This was quite brave of W11 Opera………There’s no doubt it was hugely rewarding to be in the audience and thanks again for demonstrating your versatility and coming up with such an excellent show.
Dr. Robert Asher

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and thought it was really splendid. David Knott came up with a very fine score for you, brilliantly written, and it was good to see the Godolphin girls having such a fantastic experience taking part in this production.|
John Escott, Head of Music, Godolphin and Latymer School

To a grandmother’s ears “more modern, innovative” is an alarming signal for a new opera to be performed by 18-8 year olds. In the event the music was spine-tingling, the set, as always, marvellous and the ghosts, real people, deathly white, slow moving and sombre, were chilling. I could not have believed that I was so spellbound by young people, singing difficult music, as to get pins and needles… A total triumph.
Gillian Kisch

I felt I must write and congratulate you and the production team for, what I consider to be, one of the best W 11 operas to date. Having read the synopsis, from the very start the composition evoked the spirit of the piece. The singing was superb… The duet midway through was absolutely stunning — both singing and composition — and I was really moved by it and hoped for a reprise! The simplicity of the set enabled the choreography to come shining though. The various tableaux were so effective and the discipline amongst the performers was unquestionably the best to date. The interpretation of the various elements by the different groups of children worked so well and the costumes were just right.

Finally, the lighting was so in tune with the work and I greatly appreciated its subtlety. So, for what it’s worth, please pass on my congrats to the Director (in particular) and everyone!
Chris Sprague

W11 pulled it off again… it was just great to watch….particular thanks must go to Stephen Ley for creating such a sense of desolation with that lighting. Three friends who came last night were astonished at the discipline of the large group of (mainly younger) Winds and Seas plus their obvious total involvement and enjoyment.
Wendy Callister, cast mother

Thank you for bringing W11 Opera to us all this year. We hugely enjoyed being part of such a great event! Lisa really enjoyed the taking part, singing meeting new friends and the challenge of it all and can’t wait to do it again. It was a great experience for her.
Karin McDanell, cast mother

I thought the whole experience was invaluable to Leo who noticeably grew in self-esteem and confidence. It encouraged him to start singing lessons and enthused him to such a degree that we are already planning this year’s audition piece!
Catherine Faulks, cast mother